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To avoid getting infested with spam, I have to do this clunky workaround for people who actually want to contact me or my authors. Friggin' spammers....

The basic way to contact me for any purpose is to email me at


of course removing the DIESPAMMERDIEDIE part when you copy or type the addy into your new email.

If you want to join a mailing list, please specify which section interests you: Rational Magic, Strings, or any of the other sections of RM. If you're interested in more than one, join the Rational Magic list.

As always, you can always email me to request that you're taken off any list. Oh, and I'll never share any of your info with anyone.

If you want to contact an author about his or her piece, preface your email with "This is for [name of author]" or use that as your subject header.

Please note that right now I am only accepting material for Rational Magic from friends and friends of friends. Sorry!

I am also not accepting review copies of graphic novels or CDs.

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